For the Love of Print

We love creating interesting and beautiful ways for printing and displaying your photos that sit in devices, hard drives etc., making them into living memories for you to engage with and enjoy for years to come.

Meet the Founders Etienne and Claire Koenig

Our journey into photo printing started while studying photography, with that first photo, developed by hand, in a varsity darkroom. The magic of watching an image you photographed appear in front of your eyes from a blank sheet of paper is something that never quite leaves you. A living memory.

We have been fortunate enough to make photography our careers since 2010 and so the love affair with the printed image continued. It was during this time that Etienne worked part-time for a printing house, absorbing everything there was to learn about printing, while assisting them with preparing and editing images for print and product development. As our photography commitments increased, the Printing House job had to be set aside for a while, but the seed was sown for returning to print one day.

More than just your “mug” on a mug.

As professional photographers, we have always sought to offer our clients interesting, high quality print products that have that very personal and sentimental feel. Becoming frustrated with what was available to us, we started developing our own small Print Products and frames. Our home and walls quickly became a testing ground for all things printed. Encouraged by our friends, we returned to the idea of opening our own Printing House that makes personal products with a special feel, the kind of products that you cherish and use to keep memorable moments alive, whilst looking great in your home. And so Loop Printing was born.

Sustainable Printing.

We are passionate about the Environment and sustainable living and we have brought this philosophy into our business. We offer our clients products that are not only responsibly sourced and made, but are healthy in terms of the chemicals used within the products themselves. The name “loop” carries this underlying meaning of sustainability and the responsibility of leaving this planet a little better than we found it. Every aspect of Loop has been considered in terms of its environmental and health impact, right down to the tiniest screw used. We are continually striving to offer the best in terms of what is currently available to us.

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